Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My outlet.

Music is my outlet.

Pissed off.
Broken Hearted.

There is a song about every feeling, every situation. It makes me feel not so alone like what I'm feeling and what I'm going through is not so unusual. I guess when you have some feelings you feel like you are being targeted-like no one can even compare to the way you are feeling at the moment.

Music is the way that I am continually proven wrong.

Now, I admit I have an unusual taste in music. I like everything from hip hop to country. The music I like comes with meaning. It comes with lyrics that are truthful and honest. Lyrics that make me feel vulnerable. I guess that's why I don't have a certain type. I just look for depth. For music that can heal me-music that can make me feel understood.

Music is not only an outlet-it's a best friend. When I need to vent-I put on my favorite hate song.(Seventy Times Seventy- Brand New) Confused? Meredith Brooks B*tch is on. When I'm feeling good about a boy...or remembering the good times I had with one? Konstintine by Something Corporate. When I have tears streaming down my face-I put on an artist that understands my pain-an artist that isn't afraid to voice the hurt they are feeling. (Usually Kelly Clarkson Because of You)

I guess this is how I bottle things up. I'm not really holding all my feelings inside-I'm just expressing it in a different way. I don't go and tell everyone what is going on, I tell my i-pod. I tell the song that gets how I feel and understands why I don't want to express the words out loud.

I'm so thankful for music.
My outlet.
My best friend.

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Anonymous said...

You know music and songs can help you with answers to your feelings. I agree that the words in music can give you advice too, and in your relationships.

I however have found music to cause problems in my relationships. When I sing in the shower or while at work; people get mad at me and tell me to shut up.

Sad, Very sad if you are me. The real fact is that I am a very good singer and should go on American's best::::