Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Craving a NeuroBliss

Spring break is only two months away. Which means what? I’m a regular at the gym again. I wish it didn’t take a future Cabo trip to motivate me…but…it does. Hey, at least something is motivating me…right? I finished my cardio and weight lifting routine (in my brand new pink Nikes...Thank you mom!) and was heading home when a friend of mine gave me a new drink to try. I hadn’t heard of it and was a bit hesitant (I’m a very picky eater…and drinker). Then I looked at the bottle. It was called NeuroBliss and it said "happiness in every bottle." Who wouldn't want to try it? Seriously....how great is that tagline? I was genuinely surprised. And well…turns out I’m instantly addicted. With only 35 Calories, this drink is wonderfulness in my mouth. NeuroBliss is all NATURAL (swimsuit season..remember?) and enhances your mood, reduces stress, and helps the immune system. Since I'm basically always stressed...I feel like this drink is PERFECT for me. I feel the urge to drink it at every occasion...in my 3 hour International Management class (don't even get me started on how boring that class is..), at work, after the gym...basically I crave it always. Bye-Bye Diet Coke addiction...HELLO Neuro!

Apparently Neuro has a variety of different types that help you in different ways. My sorority sister (honestly..did you think I could write a post without including my sorority in some way? Haha..) Kiley SWEARS by the NeuroSleep. She claims she cannot sleep without drinking one. I was drinking a NeruoBliss at Pi Phi last night (I told you I’m addicted..) and I was talking to Yassie about this..

“Kiley says she can’t sleep without a NeuroSleep. I don’t know if I believe that” –me

“No it totally works. Christian has trouble sleeping and I gave him one and he was out within 30 minutes.” –Yassie

I guess I can be grateful for trying something new. Turns out I’m a fan. A huge fan. I actually haven’t gone a day without one. Not only do I LOVE the taste…but I LOVE the fact that it’s only 35 calories (again, remember how close swimsuit season is?) I also like the fact that it helps the immune system. The way Utah has been lately (TONS OF SNOW) I could use all the immune boosting I can get.

I'm determined to try every flavor. I'll keep you posted. But I doubt any of them will beat Bliss...