Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Twenty-Five.

I are the 25 random facts about me..

1. I'm the the youngest in my family and love every second of it
2. I've riden horses since I was 8 and miss it everyday. My first horse was Lady. She was an ex barrel racer with so much spark. When I was 8, I was scared of her. I feared going fast. S0, I switched my then step-brother David, who took Lady as his horse and I had Sammy. Sammy was a great show horse and we always did fairly well in shows, but never won. As I got older, I grew out of Sammy and found Chocolate. Chocolate is the perfect horse-the type I had wished for since I started riding. She was tall and beautiful. At this time, I started jumping Lady and grew out of my fear of going fast and began to barrel race her. I won numerous shows with both Chocolate and Lady at the county and state level. My horse back riding experience is one that I will cherish until I die, and if the time comes when I have children, they will grow up with horses too. There is just something about having horses that matures you and gives you a love of the beauty created around you.
3. I have always been intrigued with the human body. When I was a junior in high school I was even given the amazing experience of going to a cadaver lab-one of the most interesting and exciting things I've ever done.
4. Student Council was my life in high school.
5. I lose one earring of every pair I own. Which results in me never having earrings that match :/
6. The summers growing up, my cousin AJ would stay with me. They were the best memories I have of growing up. She would help me at the fair with my horse, we would "work" for my mom, and make friendships that have lasted forever. I never stopped laughing once when we were together.
7. My brother and I became close when I was in 8th grade and he was a senior in high school. From that moment on, he would become one of the most influential people in my life and to this day is one of my best friends.
8. In 5th grade I won a writing contest. Which encouraged me to keep writing...since then writing has saved my life. It's my way of expressing my thoughts.
9. I started to play golf as a freshmen in high school. I had no idea how to swing a club when I tried out. By the end of the season, I was shooting 90 and by sophomore year I was playing #2 in tournaments
10. I'm a daddy's girl
11. I'm also a mommy's girl
12. Reading is a passion of mine. My favorite book is This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen. If you want to understand my life, this is how you do it.
13. I wanted to go to ASU, more then anything in the world. I never got the scholarship I thought I would.
14. I always wished that I played softball in high school.
15. I miss my Colorado friends everyday
16. When I was 14, me and my friend Brittany took a joy ride in my mom's BMW when it was snowing. We slid off the road and had to push the car back on the road. We were never caught.
17. I'm studying marketing because I loved DECA so much. I was a state officer and never experienced something so rewarding and tough. In competition me and Trevor took 1st in Sports and Entertainment Marketing. I never experienced such joy from solving problems.
18. I call myself a feminist
19. Flowers are my favorite. They make me so happy.
20. The number 7 is my unlucky number because 7th grade was absolute hell for me.
21. 4-H club introduced me to my love of leadership and competition. Without that experience I wouldn't be the same person I am today.
22. I've always wanted green eyes. I like unique things. How many blondes do you know that have green eyes?
23. I love to snow and water's a passion I have.
24. In elementary school I was in the talented and gifted program. My teacher always said, "you need a book not a boy" and I continually think how wise she first...even though it's a hard concept for me to follow.
25. I would rather be around people then be alone.


Anonymous said...

Bold and impressive. You sound like a well balanced child. From the sounds of things you made you dad bold and your mom gray.

drew said...

Why, oh why did I know you would cave?

The one that made me really sad was about the #7. That was John Elway's #. Sad.

Accatagon said...

Statistically speaking, you're more likely to lose one earring from a set than both of them, solely because you generally stop earring the remaining earring once you lose the first one.