Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I read this quote once that said 'if it weren't for procrastination, I wouldn't get anything done'

This quote is so me. I have to admit, I'm the worst at procrastinating. 

Isn't it strange that we find anything else to do other then the thing that actually needs done?

I've been procrastinating on school work every since I can remember. If I have a paper due or a test on a certain day, I tend to wait until the very last second to start studying/writing.

Is it because I enjoy the anticipation? The "rush" of getting something in before the time it's due?
Is it because I'm just lazy and would rather facebook/blog?

For example, I have an anthropology test tomorrow, yet here I am blogging about my procrastination....funny...ironic I guess...

Ugh. I need to cure this. I need to get super motivated weeks before assignments are due or tests approach. 

I guess I justify it by getting a good grade on every test I've studied for or paper I have written at the last second. It's never really resulted in me failing. I did fail one class last semester-math. But that's because I only went the first month of math class, realized I would never catch up, and pretty much gave up. In all my other classes I never got below a B and it was all done with procrastination.

I guess I just have to force myself to stop this laziness. To realize that hey...maybe if I study sooner rather then later I wont get so anxious, stressed, etc. I'll be completely calm and ready for my exam

Then again, where's the excitement in that?

Welp, I'm off to study this anthro...that is, unless I find facebook more appealing...I hope not. 


drew said...

Do you think that your habit of procrastinating has anything to do with the 75 math problems you were doing today?

75 problems. Anthro test. Blog. Facebook.

I'd say you are a legit procrastinator.

Anonymous said...

I want to reply back to you but do not have time, i have to water the gold fish, walk the dog and watch some TV, but when I get through PROCRASTINATING, i will get back to you.

Lauren Rice said...

I stole this picture and used it in my blog :) haha love you.