Monday, February 9, 2009

My love will always be ΠΒΦ

I have never known support so strong.
Friendships so sincere.
A group that cares so much for each individual.

I rushed a sorority mostly because of Lauren, my cousin. The only thing I ever heard come out of her mouth was Delta Gamma this and Delta Gamma that. The things she said got me excited right away. I knew I would join a sorority even before I knew which college I would attend. When I rushed, I had a hard decision between Delta Gamma and Pi Beta Phi. Both sororities had girls that I felt I connected to.

Both were dedicated to academics and community service.

The deciding factor is always a personal one. For me, it was the fact that I felt comfortable with every girl in Pi Beta Phi. During rush I was able to talk about my life, my dreams, and even the tough times with any of the girls. I felt so comfortable and welcome at Pi Phi. They were girls I could see myself hanging out with, confiding in, and comforting. Once I pledged, I knew that Pi Phi was the right choice for me. Even after the first week, I had met so many amazing young women.

As the semester went on, I learned that this is not only a group dedicated to community outreach and networking. It was a support system. It was an empowerment group. It was a place of comfort and non judgement.

In Pi Beta Phi, I am able to speak my deepest feelings and know that I won't be judged. I know that someone will always be there, always. I know that if I'm in need of help, a sister will assist me the best she can. I know that when I have family problems or boy problems, I have dozens of girls with open arms.

This group gives me hope. It gives me hope that our world isn't full of rude, obnoxious people, but people wanting to make a difference.

I have a deep love and passion for the friendships that I have gained, even in this short time. I have never felt so comfortable with so many people. I have never clung to a group the way I cling to Pi Beta Phi.

I don't know what I would do without my sisters. Both academically and socially. They will ALWAYS be there for me and that alone brings thoughts of thankfulness and excitement.


Jordan said...

jill, we didn't hit it off at first, but i have grown to love you so much! everything about you is inspiring and amazing :) i love to be around you, you have such an AMAZING energy!

Lauren Rice said...

I am SO glad that you rushed :) Best decision ever. And I am so glad that being in different sororities hasn't changed anything about our relationship! I love you soooo much and am so glad I can share the Greek system with one of my close family members now that Taylor is married and not active in Sigma Chi anymore haha. I love you and I love all your pi phi sisters. You are a great group of girls.

Erin said...

I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING JILLIAN! and i cant imagine not having you as a lifelong friend and sister!