Thursday, October 28, 2010

21 and Invincible

I'm officially 21. I admit I had been counting down the days for months. 21 seemed so different than my young 20 year old self.

I've been 21 for a little over a week. It's a bit odd...I was so excited for this age and now that I can finally claim 21...i just feel old. What age is exciting after 21? None! Dangit!

For my birthday a couple friends and I went to Vegas. It was a BLAST. I even won $60 on the roulette table! (my secret? always bet even....always!)

With the 21 and one week blues, I wanted to reflect a bit on the past year of my life.

One thing I learned...
Life doesn't always go as planned. You can't expect your five year plan to work out exactly as you see it in your mind. People change, you change. It's all for the best though. If it doesn't work out it wasn't meant to be and there is a much better option for you out there. I learned that I have to have faith in destiny. The only thing you can do is be YOURSELF and not change for anyone. That's the only way you'll be happy in life.
Favorite Memory...
My niece Emilee was born. She is such a light in my life. The little thing is so darn cute! I am so glad I have been able to be with her from birth. My sister is such a great mother & amazing role model!

Greatest Accomplishment...
Becoming president of my sorority, Pi Beta Phi. The organization means more to me than I could explain. It has molded me into a woman I am proud of. It has brought the most intelligent, fun, and loyal women into my life. It is an organization that will always be there-through the thick and thin-even after college life.

This is going to be a great year! I am, after all, 21 and invincible.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thank You, Life

It's been awhile since I've posted. Things get a little crazy and hectic and the little blogspot is the first to be neglected.

At the moment, I kind of need a pick me up...or ten of I decided to take a second to count my blessings. Here we go....

1. My education. The U is awesome. I'm thankful that I have the resources to go to school

2. My sorority sisters...the family away from home. Each of these women have impacted my life for the better. I owe a great deal of my happiness to them-those random hilarious nights, the inside jokes, the sisterly bonds...

3. My niece/nephew who will arrive in March! My sister in law is getting so big! I just ADORE children. I can't waiiiiit (I wish I had a picture for this one)

4. My family. What would I do without them?

5. Jessica best friend. Whenever I'm down & need advice she knows exactly what to say. Her words of wisdom for my current dilemma? "Who gives a damn? In three months you won't care about any of these people or the situation that is going on. So, seriously Jill, who gives a damn?" Oh man...I love her. I'm SO excited to be in Europe with her for 9 days! Only 40 days...

6. Movies. Thank you, for taking me away from reality.