Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm a canidate!

Good news! Finally, right?

I'm running to be a member of assembly on my student government at the University of Utah. There are 7 spots open.

Our purpose?

To oversee all the student groups at the University of Utah. I'm just begining my campign and am so excited to see how it all plays out. I want this spot on the assembly so badly. Let's just hope all of my hard work and past experience will pay off. 

Finally, an opportunity that sounds perfect for me :)

My bio:

Canidate: Jillian Conrad
College running for: University College
Major: Marketing/Accounting
Postion running for: Assembly
Bio: Growing up in Loveland, Colorado gave me a love for skiing and horse back riding. When it came to choosing a college, I was looking to find somewhere that would remind me of my hometown. What drew me to the University of Utah was not only the close proximity of the mountains, but also the amazing opportunities that Salt Lake City offered. At the University of Utah I was introduced to the Greek system. I am a Pi Beta Phi member and have never experienced the close friendships and amazing support it gives me. In high school I was a dedicated student council member, golfer, and horse back rider, things that I have been able to continue at the University of Utah. I plan on applying to the business school and double majoring in Marketing and Accounting. I hope to better the life for the students of the University of Utah and help out of state students feel more at ease and welcome.

Wish me luck! I'll keep you updated. 


drew said...


Jill said...

Revolution Party!

Lauren Rice said...

LEGIT!!! I am all about the Revolution party so I'm glad you're not on "Go" haha

Anonymous said...

I can help. Remember the ones we used in the past:

Do not be a pill
vote Jill

Be real
Vote Jill.

Jill said...

And they worked! I got on student council

"Dont be a pill, vote for Jill"

has done wonders.

Anonymous said...

You have it in your blood.

I will have flyers made at work and go pass them out. We can get Dayne and Drew to paint their face to show sprite also.