Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why Vote Revolution

Revolution Party Mission Statement:

We are working to enhance student life through increased funding to student groups, financial transparency both with the ASUU budget and student fees, support for diversity initiatives, sustainable campus projects, and community partnerships in aiding students to reach higher education.   

1. Finance:

Recognizing the current economic crisis the Revolution Party realizes the need for financial reform within ASUU and more transparency with where and how student money is being spent. To increase the general reserve and thereby funding for student groups the President and Vice President will be cutting their stipends by one hundred dollars each month. The Campus Relations and Student Outreach Board will also be combined into one board. The Service board will be replaced by a campus wide University Service Core which will be made up of members from CESA, Bennion Center, Newman Center, Women's Resource Center, LDSSA, and the LGBT Center, all of which will take part in helping with those projects traditionally done by the service board. With these consolidations there will be $22,000 saved, part of which will be put into the general reserve, added to child care, and used for the community mentoring program we will be creating with the Bennion Center and CESA.         

Transparency is another major aspect of this financial reform, something that will be helped with a monthly online statement that students may access to see where and what their money in ASUU is being spent on.  Accompanied with this reform will be the formation of a Student Fees Committee consisting of the ASUU President and Vice President three students not active within ASUU and Lori Mcdonald, Anne Nebecker, Paul Brinkman, Barb Snyder and any other administrator with whom fees apply. This committee will review current student fees and their allocation allowing more transparency for students and student voice in the student fee process.  

2. Diversity:

Diversity on campus is something that does just need recognition but investment. We plan to invest in one of the most important communities on campus by forming both a Diversity Committee and International Committee which will be available to students to help them write bills, support them in the assembly and will itself be made of students of colour.  This committee's main goal will be to help students of different ethnic backgrounds to have more support within their government and give these communities a stronger voice.  

3. Sustainablity:

While so many different aspects of sustainability are readily available, we have again recognized the financial reality of this campus with up to 45 million dollars in budget cuts and look to sustainable methods that do not cost but simply save. In speaking with several administrators on campus it seems that using class and building consolidation especially on Fridays is the most efficient way to begin to save energy. Whether this is best accomplished in a 4day school week, or simply relocating classes on Friday to more sustainable buildings is something we will work towards to ensure energy conservation occurs in a financially reasonable manner. 

4. Community:

In partnership with the Bennion Center and CESA the Revolution Party will be starting a mentoring program at three junior highs and corresponding high schools. In order to better help students to reach higher education this program will be providing students with three components; academic tutoring, after school activities, and a monthly service project.  Each student that takes part in the program will be able to meet with their mentor weekly and seek out the extra services available to them to further their support in reaching a university education.  Student support will come initially from the volunteer core within the Bennion Center and other various volunteers from ASUU and CESA, hopefully expanding to a volunteer core of professors and administrators.

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rachel rizzo said...

yay our platforms are awesome!! im so glad you are running with REVOLUTION!!!