Sunday, February 15, 2009

Date Night!

On Thursday we had our Pi Beta Phi date night! It was so fun! Each girl invited a guy and we went to classic skating! Pi Phi rented out the building so only us and our dates were able to be there. We were able to skate and play lazer tag all night long. Here are a couple pictures of the night. We all dressed 80s to spice the night up a little bit. We took a bus to classic skating and then the bus took us back. Most Pi Phi's brought Betas, which is where the last picture was taken. My date was Scott aka the first picture, which was a very good choice on my part-Scott's always so good to me :) It was a very fun night, except for the fact that I had a math test at 9:40am the next day, but I think I did fine on that. I'm guessing a C...which is better then failing right? We were able to use a 3 by 5 card on the test so that was a relief! I got home at about 2:00am. We had such a blast.

I love Pi Phi date nights :) After the skating, we went back to Beta and just hung out.

It was defiantly a night to remember.

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