Monday, June 20, 2011

Thanks for the Life Lessons, Dad

In spirit of Father's Day, I dedicate this to the man who currently holds my whole heart-my dad. I honestly have no idea where I'd be without him. Daddy advice is honest, straight to the point, and filled with genuine love & kindness. Dads give those little pieces of advice that just stick with you.

So here's a short list of the most important things my wonderful, awesome father has taught me:

1.Never say anything negative or hateful in writing

I have to say, this is probably one of the best life lessons anyone can learn. Now, I'm not saying that I talk badly about people or am a negative person. But, everyone will have at least one moment in their life they want to lash out via text. My dad always said if you want to have a fight or say something mean to someone - do it in person. No texting. No e-mails. No FB/Twitter/Whatevs. Whether it's personal or work-related...just don't do it. Then I got to thinking...when someone writes me something rude, you know I'm going to show my BFF to get her thoughts on the situation. Duh!

I learned this lesson one day when I received a rude text message. I immediately called my dad and told him the situation-angry and probably near tears. All I wanted to do at the moment was shoot back with some smart a**, rude reply. That's when my dad taught me lesson #1 of this list. Thank you, dad, for saving me from a pretty bad situation...

2. No man will ever measure up.

My dad has never said these words...but I have. I swear when I confide in my dad about the random guys in my life, at one point or another, I will whine about how they just don't have every awesome quality he does. My dad and I have a great relationship - he's funny, listens to me, makes me laugh, he's hardworking & driven, takes me shopping, fixes my car - (Who wouldn't want a dad like that?!) and we talk like we're best friends.

My father taught me to raise the bar and find someone who cares about me as much as he does. And that I shouldn't settle for anything less than that.

3. A car crash isn't always as bad as you think it is

Every time I get in a car crash (I just realized how SAD it is that I can write that sentence haha) I call my dad sobbing. Car crashes are the WORST. I'm shaken up, scared, angry, and usually crying. I dial my dad immediately - over and over until he answers. He handles it the best way - calms me down, tells me which steps to take, calls the insurance, etc.

I would be a wreck if he wasn't on the phone the moment this happens. He always reminds me it's not that bad- and in the end, it never is. Pretty sure all my hair would be pulled out without him in my life when this happens. (thanks for putting up with my terrible driving skills dad!)

4. Working hard will pay off

If I had to describe my father in three words it would be: HARDWORKING, funny, and genuine. A perfect combo right? Gosh, I'm so darn lucky :) But back to the point, my father has always been very hardworking. Not only does he excel at his own job, but around the house, with my horses-really anyway he can. I rarely see him sitting around doing nothing. He claims he hates "sitting around doing nothing" (Although I've learned to be pretty good at it over the years...)

His example (combined with my mom's) is a HUGE reason I've been so successful and hardworking since high school. It really does pay off. He always told me to make friends with my co-workers/boss and always go the extra mile.

5. Prolong your youth

My dad's favorite saying is "In my next life, I want to come back as you." It makes me laugh every single time and I know he loves that I'm prolonging my youth (yes..that includes picking up another major so I didn't have to graduate yet...). He always tells me not to rush marriage or "growing up" (THANK YOU DAD!) and to just enjoy my time being young. I don't think he realizes how much this lesson has meant to me. I have had unbelievable experiences and more fun than I ever thought I could have in my youth. I wouldn't have had these experiences if I had rushed growing up, like the Utah ways often pressure you to do. I'm so, so grateful he has continued to remind me that I'm YOUNG and I should hold on to that as tightly as I can.

6. Do what makes you happy, no matter what anyone says

Lastly, my dad always reminded me that people are always going to judge and talk, but who cares? As long as what I'm doing makes me happy, it's the right thing. I love that I can tell my dad any and everything and all he cares is that it makes me happy. & I am so, so happy with where I am in life today. Thanks for the life lessons dad, you're the best.

Other random/great advice from my dad:
-You will always lose if you gamble (Why does this continue to prove true for me?)
-Always get your oil changed every 3 months
-SPF 70 should always be used (sorry for my lack of belief in this one, dad...)
-Always make time to snow ski and waterski (two thumbs up for this one dad!)