Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not What I Expected.

I've never had a summer like this one. Nights filled with math problems, papers, and readings. Early mornings containing lectures and example problems. Work hours spent gazing outside wishing the sun's rays were hitting my own face.

Then again, summer school is kind of growing on me. Is that wrong or what?

I love the intimacy of the small classes-the dead campus. And of course-the under crowded math lab. I love the fact that everyone is dressed in summer clothes and biking/walking to and from class. I defiantly see more smiles then during the normal school year.

My math class is going good-which I am ecstatic to report! I'm actually grasping the concepts! Which, in part, may be the fact that i HAVE to get a B this semester...or maybe it's the fact that I have the greatest teacher ever...Molly!

I've been living in the apartments on campus with Molly, my PC08 Pi Phi sister...and it has been so much fun! We spend our nights doing homework (which, when together is actually not that bad), watching movies, and laughing for hours on end at the site and others. One night we watched 3 movies in a's the good life. I'm lucky that Molly is a math whiz. She has been SUCH a help with my algebra class. With her help, I've even managed to get a 85% on my first math quiz!

I'm in a gender and communication class which I absolutely LOVE. It's all about feminism. And you know me, just the word feminism gets me all hot and bothered. I'm sure soon enough you will hear me raving about all the new things I've learned. Oh, and the teacher-AMAZING. There is just such a difference when your professor LOVES what he teaches. When your professor has passion for the class. Ahhhh what could be better then a feminism class with a passionate teacher? Not much I tell you, not much!

 (((I saw this on a car while I was driving and LOVED it)))

I'm really excited that school is going so well. Hopefully by spring I will be able to apply for the business school. 

A few months back, I would have given an arm and leg to be done with school. But my summer classes have changed that for me. When I understand and start to like what I'm learning, school doesn't feel like a job anymore.

So, although my summer isn't very typical for a 19 year old, I don't think I would have it any other way. 


sienaleigh said...

how cute I love that you are enjoying summer school...I took Comm and Gender last semester and it was great! who is your teacher? o and I miss you!!

jordan_kylie said...

miss jillian i love you and your optimistic attitude :) funny thing though, i'm feeling the same way about summer school. you, molly, and i will have to have some study sessions :)