Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where's my magic 8 ball?

I wish that ol magic 8 ball really worked.

How simple life would be if the questions that keep us up at night could be answered with one simple shake of a ball.

For example, I'm spending thousands of dollars going to school, dedicating at least 4.5 years of my life, and I have no idea if marketing is what I will want to do with my life. And after all that work and money! If that magic 8 ball could just tell me-I'd feel a little better about what I was doing with my life.

I'm 19. My frontal cortex is still developing. I'm not the same person I will be in 2 years, let alone almost 5.

Then again many people say that it doesn't really matter what your degree is in-as long as you have one. But, what if I want to do something totally different and I lack the knowledge?

And what about the other probing questions that attack my mind at night?

You know, the ones about my own life. The questions that, if I ask my friends the answer to, they always replay, "it's up to you."

Yeah, what about those questions?

I guess that this life is what those questions are all about. Those decisions are the ones that make us or (b--r--e--a--k) us. They give us life experience and allow us to make mistakes and become who we are.

But sometimes....I just want an answer. I just want to know what will bring me the most happiness...what will benefit me in the future...which decision will make me the better person.

I guess I need to look into being a wiccan...eh?


drew said...

you. did. not. use the word 'wiccan' in your blog! LOL!



Cammi Cardon said...

Oh Jill - how I love reading your blogs. You have inspired me to start my own (I will let you know when it's up and running). I find myself wondering the same thing all the time. I majored in Finance, I work in Finance, and do you know what I have learned? That I don't want to do Finance anymore. So, I'm going back to school to get my MBA. But now the question is....what DO I want to do? I already have one strike and I really don't want another. The truth is, there really isn't any way to know until you try it out. All I can tell you is go with your heart. Don't choose a major or a job because of the money. If you are interested in something then you will excel at it and the money will find you. You are young, and it is never to late to do anything. Take advantage of every opportunity. As for what will bring you the most happiness....I can't tell you what that is but I can tell you that not knowing all the answers in advance is what makes life interesting. :)


jordan_kylie said...

I heart Cammi Cardon! But, just wanted to say how cool you are for saying you should be a 'wiccan' haha! made my day and i love you miss jill! :)