Sunday, June 28, 2009

Such a great night!

Last night I went to the Tickle Me Pink/ I Hate Kate concert with my friends from high school! It was sooo fun! I can honestly say it was one of the best nights of the summer. I love being around Jessica-my bestie from high school. She just GETS me. She knows my secrets, my deepest thoughts, my past, and the way I think. She's ambitious just like me. And is a total feminist. (or at least I think so). We just get along so well....we're A LOT alike. I love that she basically thinks JUST like me. Something can happen and we will both have the same mindset. We spent the majority of the time I've been in Colorado having deep talks, going out, and most of all-laughing. My abs have gotten SUCH a work out this weekend!

Then Tickle Me Pick came on. Gosh men who are in bands just attract me. I swear, they are sooo dang sexy! Here's some pics of my amazing night!

I Hate Kate was awesome! I love them. Here's a song, called "I'm in Love with a Sociopath"

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jordan_kylie said...

I'm sooo glad you got to get away and have a good time :) I love you as a sister and hope that we can get to be even better friends!