Monday, March 30, 2009

Poker Face.

Drew reminded me that I must share this one on my blog- it's my poker story.

This weekend was parent's weekend at Pi Phi. We had tea with our mothers then we played poker and watched the Jazz game with our fathers. My father lives in Colorado and I was extremely sad he couldn't come. But next year, he said he's all down for taking the trip :) But, I did have my stepdad join me.

I have never played poker. Never even watched a real poker game.

Scott Burnett (my stepdad) was an awesome teacher! I learned which cards to keep, which to trade, and pretty much how to win. We both had piles of chips the whole tournament. It's funny because I've ALWAYS wanted to learn to play poker..and now I know!! I'm so happy Pi Phi chose this activity for dads day!

And yes, I won second in the tournament between all the Pi Phis and the dads. I think the main thing that helped is we used Jokers as wild cards as well as one-eyed Jacks. Which was desperately needed, us sorority girls didn't really know how to play the game...

:) It was very exciting

And I won $25 to PF Changs. Which me and Scott (the boyfriend Scott, not the stepdad) are going to enjoy!

I thank it all to my POKER FACE.


drew said...

that story is tight.

jordan_kylie said...

hahahaha your poker face :) how much do i love you? sooo much girl!