Monday, March 9, 2009

I was tagged by Lo.

I was tagged by here goes...

something that makes me happy right now: My brother. My Pi Phi girls. My boyfriend.
looking forward to: The end of math 1090.
something I don't want to pay for right now: Groceries
something I dread: Math test on Friday
currently reading: I just finished The Appeal by John Grisham...I have yet to start a new book
Favorite trip in the last year: Steamboat.
something I wish I could master: Algebra. 
best hair conditioner: Fructose deep conditionar
best thing in my mail today: my glasses and contacts. yay!
Love or Hate Valentine's Day: Loved it. I got taken to sushi and I got roses and chocolate covered strawberries...couldn't have been better. 
I am on a kick of: Campaigning for Revolution
a luxury for me would be: No school. A shopping trip.
time of day I look forward to most: Afternoon
current favorite song : Runaway by Anberlin
if I could go shopping right now, I'd buy: New jeans :)
something I want to do more of: (GET A JOB)
least favorite thing of the past week: We got 2nd in the Primary vote.
glad that: My family is the best. 
love: Comfy pants. My laptop. My family. My life.

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