Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Logic vs. Emotion

I've been thinking about how genders process information a lot lately. I don't know why. I guess that college is just opening my eyes to how different boys and girls think.

So I'm aware that I'm about to state the obvious...but it's just something that I have personally noticed lately. I guess a "duh" moment caught in action.

Boys tend to use logic
Girls tend to use emotions

But, I'm starting to wonder..is it that cut and dry? Isn't there some sort of perfect combination that we can all just use. Some combination that will make us all understand each other better? To be honest, I am constantly wondering how guys get to the conclusions they do. It often takes me deep thinking before I say to myself, WOW...really? Is THAT why he thinks that? And more times then most, it's the simple mindset that takes me there. It's logical thinking.

Us girls are a bit more complicated. We don't think so simply, we analyze details. We dissect every bit of dialect, body language, etc. we can. We use every emotion in the book.

All this thinking brought me to one question, is it smarter to follow your heart or your head? When your head is screaming one thing, but your heart just can't seem to agree, which one do we choose?

It's a question that will never be answered.

Take, for example abusive relationships. I guess I got to thinking of this because of the recent Chris Brown and Rhianna (for those of you who don't know, Chris beat up Rhianna pretty bad recently, it's all over the news) I'm sure Rhianna was thinking, "I HAVE to get out of this. This is NOT healthy." Yet, her heart was screaming, "I love Chris Brown" Of course, this is a dramatic example. Everyone knows that the head would be the smart choice to follow, but it just shows how hard that is to do.

I'm not only talking about relationships. It's school. It's careers. It's friendships. It's life. If you have the choice between two majors or two jobs, do we tend to follow our hearts or our head? Do we chose the job/major that we KNOW we will enjoy, or the one we can see will logically take us where we want to be in the future? 

Sometimes, my mind will be screaming anger. My heart...that's another story. 

Other times, it's a big jolt that I need to bring me back to sanity. It's a huge realization that brings me out of my perfect fantasy world and back into reality.  Back to the real life. Back to the logical side of things. Away from the emotions. Away from the daydreaming and wishes. 

The perfect solution would be to combine emotions and logic. To mesh the male brain with the female brain. Every decision you made would be the right one, the perfect one. It would consider both emotions and logic.

Maybe we should all just try and look at the other perspective. If I caught myself every time my thoughts were emotion-based and thought of them logically, I think I could avoid a lot of fights, miscommunication, and dumb-not thought out-decisions I have made. 

I'm gonna try to have a giroy brain. Girl-boy Brian that is. 

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Anonymous said...
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Scott said...

Boys speak in rhythm, Girls in Code,
Boys Speak in Rhythm, Girls Just lie
Doo Do Doo, Doo do Doo do

Jordan said...

basically i love your blog and i want to start one :)