Saturday, March 28, 2009

The phase is still playing.....

I read this quote:

"sad eyes never lie"

If you looked in my eyes lately, this quote would be screaming into your head.

The mood is still there, consuming me. I thought it would leave, as it often does. But this time this horrible, awful mood decided to stay a little longer. My stomach hurts constantly, tears come easily, everything seems a bit sadder then it should, and I don't smile like I used to.

Gosh...what is WRONG with me?

The battle is raging inside my head...the one where my head is yelling at me to do one thing, but my heart is fully disagreeing, telling me to do the opposite.

I hate this feeling, yet I constantly put myself in the position to feel this way.

And I have no clue which side to choose. I have no idea which choice will bring me happiness, which choice will return light into my eyes, my life.

I just hope I figure it all out soon because I'm having a really hard time dealing with it now.

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jordan_kylie said...

maybe try getting your cards read. . i was feeling torn beyond belief and i went and it was a really fun, inspiring thing :) just an idea and i love you!