Friday, July 2, 2010

Childhood in the 90s.

I tend to dwell on the days of simplicity. The days when I spent all day at the pool, eating otter pops, and riding my bike around the neighborhood. The days I didn't have to worry about month...or next year. I loved my childhood. And boy, do I miss it! I don't know why growing up seems so really is overrated. I have many things to thank because of my awesome childhood...Ten toys/games come to mind when I reminisce on those good ol' days.

The Furby. Me and my sister both had one. We loved them! We took them everywhere-and I mean everywhere. I really do admire our parents for putting up with us-especially on road trips. Our Furbies would talk to each other and everything. I'm sure they got annoying. You would push their tongue to feed them. Sometimes late at night, our Furbies would randomly start chatting away. I'm surprised it didn't creep me out!
Ahhh. Giga Pets. In third grade I had about 5 of them. Someones would always go off in class...their pet would be hungry or need to be walked. Pretty soon the school banned us from having giga pets in the classrooms. Fun Ruin-ers.
My iPhone has about 15 games loaded onto it. Complete with color and touch screen. I even have The Sims 3 on it...but remember the days of snake? I could play this game for hours! Then Snake 2 came out and you could go through the walls. I still think this game is one of the ultimate best. I wonder if they have an app for that...

Napster. Enough said.

Polly Pocket! I'm sure I lost these little dolls all the time. They are so small! What a great idea tho...A house and dolls that fit in the palm of your hand. Oh I loved my pink Polly Pocket

BEENIE BABIES. Any store we went to i BEGGED my mom to buy me one. And of course they were sold in EVERY store imaginable. I had countless beenie babies...and was always sure they would be worth thousands one day. The bears were the best. I don't know where my collection went....but I sure am glad that obsession is over.

Please tell me you had the shoes with roller skates in them? Haha. Thinking back, this invention is hilarious. I remember kids skating down the hallways because they didn't want to walk. I loved my roller skate shoes. They were blue. When this obsession started, I despised anything with carpet! It ruined my style!

Jellies. So comfy. And they went with EVERYTHING. Too bad they broke so easily. And you could feel EVERYTHING you walked on. The rocks in my driveway? OUCH!
POGS. POGS. POGS. Me, my brothers, and my friends spent countless hours with Pogs. Playing them, trading them, buying them. I always liked when you played "for keeps" and got to keep the Pogs that flipped over. Then there were the Smashers. I had a black butterfly smasher and it lit up when it "smashed". It was awesome. I wish Pogs were still cool. I would def be playing. This game is timeless...

Paperboy! I loved playing this on my dad's computer. Recently, I got the game for my iPhone, but it isn't nearly as cool. You had to deliver papers and if you threw it at the wrong time you would break a window. Plus you had to dodge oncoming traffic!

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