Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Where I belong.

In THREE WEEKS I will be back where I belong: Pi Beta Phi!

I seriously cannot wait to move back into the sorority house. Living in my own apartment has made me realize just how good I have it in Pi Phi. We have a house mom who shops for us (all those late night runs for milk...no more!), a cook (I cannot wait to eat amazing food!!), and maids (cleaning the bathroom/shower/living area is not fun). Plus I am constantly surrounded by my best friends!! There is ALWAYS something to do/someone to talk to/do random-ness with.

I can't imagine living anywhere else during my college years. Living in Pi Phi is like a constant party/sleepover. Who wouldn't want to live with 20 of their closest friends?

The perks I am most looking forward to:
-Not shopping (weekly...ugh! And I always seem to forget something. Like paper towels or butter)
-Having a maintenance man who will fix things when they don't work (at the moment our shower isn't draining. If we lived in Pi Phi, this would have been fixed days ago!)
-Living on campus (no more U of U parking chaos)
-Entering the TV room and seeing 10 girls watching Snapped (why were we so into that show last semester? ew)
-Food..amazing food!!!
-Not having to vacuum, sweep, or pull out the 409 again!

Ahhh....Three weeks is TOO far away!! I may never leave Pi Phi again!!

Although I am a little worried for my future self. When I graduate from the U what is there for me? Certainly no house mom, cook, or maids.

I guess I'll worry about that when the time comes...and enjoy every second I have in the house!


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

geeze, and why did I never join a sorority?! haha

Tamara said...

This place is so beautiful! I've always wanted to see how a Sorority worked so jealous! Excited to hear about it when you move back it :)