Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's the rush?

I wish I had something more to blog about than my future. Honestly, why do I always come back to this topic? I'm continually worried about life after college.

However, I did realize something the other day...

I should be enjoying every second of my current life. My roommate Molly and I came to a serious realization. After college...what is there? Work? Responsibility? ew.

No longer will my sole focus be me. Currently, I'm surrounded by my best friends. My days don't even begin until 11am. I have no one to answer to. I have a cook & maids. My biggest responsibility is getting my homework done. If I want to travel, I can. (Vegas, Cabo, etc) If I want to sit on the couch all day, I can. I don't pay for my gas. or my phone. I don't have a mortgage or student loans. Now is really the only time I can be selfish and direct my energy to my own passions. Pi Phi, skiing, golfing, learning, whatever I want.

Why do I feel so rushed to grow up? Why all this anxiety about the rest of my life?

I think starting now, I'm going to stop rushing and just start enjoying.
I don't mean this in a sense that I'm going to give up on my ambitions or what I want out of life. What I really mean is I'm going to stop worrying. I'm going to stop planning so much. I'm going to enjoy the ride and see where life takes me.

After all, I'm not going to get any younger. and life isn't ever going to be this fun.

If you need anymore proof of the statements above, ask me about my trip to Vegas last weekend. I saw Daniel Tosh from Tosh.0. I went to the clubs. I ate out. I was even invited to LeBron James' VIP lounge at the nightclub TAO. I honestly, truly do not think one person should have as much fun as I did.

I need to embrace my 20's & stop rushing into adulthood.

Because I can tell already that being "grown up" is overrated.

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Amanda said...

I was really scared when I was in school too... But as soon as I got a real job I realized it's actually a million times better than being a student. You learn a lot about yourself when you're on your own and let me tell you this: it feels amazing when you start making your own money and become independent from your parents. It sounds weird but I'm still excited about paying rent every month because I can't believe I'm actually doing this on my own. It's very empowering. :) And one more thing, you don't have to do homework when you have a job. Best thing ever.