Friday, July 30, 2010

News, News, News!

Today at work I got a raise. I'm so happy/giddy/excited.

It was totally unexpected. A 25% increase is a big deal! I really do love my job. I've worked there for about 9 months. It's interesting & it teaches me so much about running a business. I've learned an indescribable amount in all fields of business-accounting, grant writing, management, etc. Best of all, my co-workers are amazing. Most all of them have their PhDs in some sort of pharmacy field-super smart. I literally learn something new everyday. It really does feel like another family to me.

I feel so lucky.

And so happy!


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Janet Newenham said...

Ohh congrats on the pay rise. Any bit of a raise always makes me smile...I once went on strike to get a 1 dollar rise..was so worth it! :)