Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Winding down.

So, initiation is officially over, for the most part. We only have two more girls to initiate in Pi Phi-but for the most part, my job as Vice President Fraternity Development, is done. WOW! I had NO IDEA how much time, effort, and work this position would take. I am so happy I decided to slate. Becoming VPFD has probably been one of the highlights of my freshman year. I have learned SO much about Pi Phi. I have learned the heritage, the history, and the importance of everything we do. It has made me grow in so many ways. It has reached parts of my soul that I never thought would be touched-it made me apprechaite being a woman. It made me love-even more-the bonds of sisterhood. I wish I could explain in full detail what Pi Beta Phi has come to mean to me, but words could never express it.

It's just a RELIEF initiation is over!!!!

After the month of constant Pi Phi planning, I realize how much I have let my school work slip. I now realize that there are about 2 and a half weeks left of school. And I have a couple of things to worry about:

*20 page paper due in Econ by the 29th of April
*Econ test
*Anthropology Final
*Final acting performance
*Philosophy final

So, I guess I'm just here to write a quick post explaining my recent-and future-absence.

I have to say, life without blogging is no way to live! Everyday I wish I had more time to blog and write down my feelings, but at this point in my life, there is just NO WAY.

I just pray these next 2 and a half weeks fly by. I just hope I can stay focused and motivated on my school work

Wish me luck!

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jordan_kylie said...

GOOD LUCK LOVE! you'll do great :) no worries and i can't cant to play with you this summer! basically. . .its going to kick major ass.

Lauren Rice said...

Why have you stopped blogging??