Saturday, April 4, 2009

A to the J.

"Me and AJ in our 'element'"

Family really is the best.

That's all I really have to say.

I can't think of ANYONE I'd rather hang out with then them. And I feel so darn lucky for that fact. even my extended family rocks.

I'm living with AJ this summer and I looking forward to it SO much. We have always been close. I lived with her last summer and she would come to CO during the summers when we were growing up. We've always just had a strong connection! She really is the greatest. I don't think a single person understands my humor the way she does. I don't think anyone can make me laugh as much as she does. And certainly no one has my trust like she does. I LOVE HER. And my most memorable times are with her. I'M SO EXCITED! There will be so many more memories made...ones that involve an obscene amount of laughter. YAY!


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Alexandra said...

JILL you are soo cute!! i am so excited for you to come live with us again, i seriously CAN NOT WAIT. i could not stop talking about it to jon. he was like "Mei is really going to hate her life this summer." and i wish that i could deny that. i love you so much, you really are my best friend and the funniest human in the whole world. thanks for my tribute!!! ILY <3<3

ps lily on wednesday!! so excited!