Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy 25th Birthday Drew!

Today I'm thankful for this guy...
Don't mind the old picture (Drew's wedding in fact...2 years ago!)...I can't seem to find one of us earlier than this (how sad!)

Drew (my brother...obvious..) turns 25 today! So, happy birthday bro! One of my many bday presents to you is a spot on my blog (best present ever? I would SAY so!)

Drew is literally the male version of me. We have SO much fun together, especially when we make up random/hilarious songs. Thank goodness we both moved to Utah. I think any amount of distance would just about kill me!

All jokes aside, I have an amazing brother. The best in fact. I don't know anyone who is more understanding, supportive, loving, and hilarious. No matter what happens, he's always on my side. Drew is more than just my big brother. He truly is my best friend. I have no idea where I would be without him.

Love you bro! Hope today is just fabulous!


Dree said...

This is so nice! Happy birthday to your bro!

devil_under_light said...

you don't look alike ^_^ anyway, happy birthday to your brod!

Jamie Lane said...

Love that yellow dress. Omg. Happy b-day to him!