Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ending the Cycle

I expected my life to calm down a little bit after Greek Recruitment....

it didn't.

Don't get me wrong. My life is crazy busy, but I like it that way. I feel accomplished. This life of mine is quite rewarding. But I can't dismiss the fact that I don't have time to spend hours upon hours with my friends, to hit the gym daily, or to be on the look out for a new man.

But perhaps the latter is a good thing. It's been quite awhile since I've been single. Like, years....YEARS. I swear I've had a boyfriend since I was 15. I'm one of THOSE girls...you know...the type that once she breaks up with one boy is dating another within weeks.
&& it's time to break that cycle.

As tempting as it is to fall into the arms of some boy as desperate as I for a relationship, I need to learn to be alone. Live life for me and not to please another. This concept is one that I obviously don't understand.

Which makes me wonder...why am I one of those girls who always has to be dating someone? Now that I think about it, I almost feel pathetic. I don't need some boy to make me happy.

So, here goes...it's only week 2 of being single. Let's see how long I can hold out. I think the longer I do, the happier I will be. It will give me time to discover myself. To focus on my goals, aspirations, and what I want in my future. I'm done dating randoms just because I want a boyf. So here's to new beginnings-the beginning of being completely independent & the end of the "I always have to have a boyfriend" cycle.

Wow, that was a random tangent. When I started this post that's not where I was going at all. That's what blogging does to me-it brings out the things most on my mind, so deeply embedded I hardly know they are there. Which is exactly why I love blogging so very much.


JRuud said...

I really liked this blog post Jilly! You should start hanging with me more, because I'll help you break the boy cycle. I'm the exact opposite.. I like being single a lot more. And I am the girl that rarely has boyfriends haha. I just think after relationships, it's good to take a breath and look back over the relationship so you can learn a lot. You need to take that time for yourself to grow! And I agree with feeling so busy.. but at the same time, accomplished. xo.

Michaela said...

I love this post! So true...cant wait to hear how you get on...keep us posted :)

Love your blog lady

Rach said...

You are on the right track girl! I was just like you-always had a boyfriend to the point where I felt incomplete without one. My junior year of college I decided to stay single for a while and focus on myself and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I grew up so much and really had the chance to discover myself! Now its two years later and I finally feel ready to be in a relationship again. So give single a chance :) And p.s. congrats on getting through recruitment-I know how stressful and exhausting it can be!

Kate Weber said...

I'm new to the blog, but I love it so far! :)

Good luck being single!