Sunday, September 5, 2010

Baby Angels

This past week was recruitment week for the Greeks at the University of Utah. For 5 days we got to know over 250 women who were interested in becoming part of a sisterhood.

It was a long 5 days, let me tell you. I was up until 3am everyday ensuring we got the girls we all loved and admired. Between school and work-it was a week of no sleeping, eating, or as I stated in my previous post-working out. Our house would be open each day for around 5 hours-devoted solely to the potential new members to come check us out. It was hard work.

For those of you who don't know, recruitment is a matching process. There are 5 sorority houses at the University of Utah. On the first day of recruitment, the new women go to each house. At the end of the night-they must drop one house. The second day, they go to the remaining 4 houses and at the end of the night, must narrow it down to 3 houses. This process goes on and on until one house is remaining. Each day every sorority has a certain number of invitations they are allowed to extend to the women going through recruitment. This process allows the houses and the individual to choose each other-to match up.

The last night of recruitment is "Preference Night." This night everyone gets all dressed up. Each woman goes to 2 houses-one house for dinner and the other for dessert. This night is important because it is formal and the last night for girls and the house to decide who will be the new sisters. Each day before Preference Night is casual & laid back.

Preference Night
Pref Night with my family within Pi Phi
The dessert we served on Pref night- DELICIOUS Cheesecake!

Bid Day finally arrived & the long days and endless nights paid off. We gave bids to 36 amazing women who now form PC '10 (Pledge Class 2010)!
Waiting for the new members to open their invitations and see which house they were invited to


Bid day was also the very first Utah football game (Utah won, of course) So we took our baby angels and went to support the boys (in matching shirts of course)!

Pi Beta Phi just got 36x better...


CollegiateDown said...

Congratulations! My school's recruitment week is the week after next. Its always a lot of stress because we want to make a good impression and we have a lot of pan hellinic rules to worry about. This year, we have to make cap so its going to be extra work.

Genesis said...

Oh, so this is how greeks recruit! nice info :)

JRuud said...

We did such an amazing job. I love our baby angels :) You are the best president!! I love you :)