Wednesday, September 1, 2010


One can always tell when my life gets too hectic to handle: i don't blog.

My life these past two weeks has been crazy. I literally don't have time to eat, sleep, or breathe. Ok, so the breathing part might have been a bit of an exaggeration.

I knew this semester was going to be difficult. I'm a full-time student in upper division classes, I work part-time, and I'm Pi Beta Phi President. I didn't realize, however, that my "me time" would be non existent.

My "me time" usually occurs in the student field house. Working out is truly the only time my mind isn't racing with the 100 things I have to do, 100 things I'm worrying about, and 100 things I should be worrying about. The treadmill absorbs all worries-leaving my mind blank. Enabling me to have peace-complete peace.
So, Today I decided to play hooky. I decided to skip classes and relax a bit, contemplate the important things in life, blog, and go running.

It's only 10am and I already know this is the best decision I've made in months.


Dree said...

Aren't mental health days the best? I sometimes have to take a day to do things for myself and recharge to be able to tackle the important things. Love it!

Stephanie Rose said...

You gotta play hooky every once in a while to keep your sanity. Just call it a mental health day. I usually try to take a mental health day like once a month or every two months at least.