Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Memories of 2009

2010 is so close I can taste it. I feel now is the best time to reminisce on 2009. 2009 was a good year for me, a great year actually. It was truly one of the most successful. Maybe after all this, you'll see why.

New years, 2009. I spent it with my Pi Phi sisters...
I was the Maid of Honor at my sister's wedding. ((gorgeous bride))
Me, Aj, and Molly went and saw Lily Allen...best concert of my LIFE!
We had spring rush at Pi Phi...
And PC08 grew!
I went to Beta Formal

We made over $1400 for our philanthropy in Pi Phi ((Literacy))
We had Pi Phi's Date Night. We dressed 80's..
Went roller skating..
And lazer tagging...
I ran for Student Government at the University of Utah...and made it!!! ((Assembly))

I got to see my BEST FRIEND numerous times...even though she's at school in TX and I'm in UT.
I went to Huntington Beach for the 4th of July with AJ
The Betas went to the Zoo
Oh...and the Pi Phi's tagged along :)
(see the cute giraffe?)
I spent the summer with my sisters..
And the Beta brothers...
I went to Bear Lake with my awesome family
Got to chill with my daddy

PC09 was born. 28 New Pi Phi Angels! I love them all!

I got a lil sis, Abby (to the left of me) and our Pi Phi Family CR grew! **This is our whole CR family...i love these women**
We went to some frat parties...

I moved into Pi Phi and did everything with these girls ((Including root for the UTES!))

I went to Sigma Chi Bid Day Party && danced the night away with the best girls
Me and Molly lived together in the summer && in the fall. We became besties :)
I learned self defense with the Pi Phis ((Don't mess with us))
I had an amazing bday....thanks to my sisters

We had Abduction!
Scott was a Dr. & I was a nurse
Scott & I went Beta Formal &&
I had a great time with my hot bf && gorgeous sisters...

I became good friends with these girls....
(&& we're from 3 different sororities)
I went to some holiday parties...
I went to Loveland for Christmas Break
Did I mention I got to see my BFF? ...yeah...I got to see her..

I got a 3.95 for Fall 2009 && made the Dean's List again!!!!

Successful? I sure think so...


Kaleigh Bright said...

:D this is adorable.

Lauren Rice said...

definitely successful!! CONGRATS on the 3.95!!!!!! That is unreal Jill. You are so smart. Good job! love you

monika hardy said...

no surprises there sweet.
i love you.