Sunday, December 6, 2009


I know that New Years is still pretty far away but I've begun to brainstorm some New Year's Resolutions. Surly I will have a more concrete list when the day finally comes. But I figured I might as well write them now while I'm thinking of it. In the year 2010 I will..

Work out. I wonder just how many people write this for their New Years resolution. I'm guessing it's probably one of the most popular. Am I jumping that bandwagon? eh, I wouldn't say so. I do feel better when I finally do make it to the gym, it's getting there that's the hard part. I just need motivation, which actually shouldn't be that difficult for me, considering the boyf goes 5x a week. But my motivation is myself, not him. I'd like to look good, feel good, and increase my health...for me.
Volunteer. In high school, I was at the hospital for 4 hours every week, I organized blood drives, and spent a great deal of my time volunteering. In the transition from Colorado to Utah, high school to college, the time I spent volunteering disappeared. I'm going to find that time and volunteer again. I truly miss it.

Study. Even when I don't have to.

Disregard first impressions. They are usually wrong anyways. I feel like there are amazing people out there that I never really gave a chance to. Who knows what kind of friends I could have had if I hadn't been so quick to judge.

Family. I should give more time to my family. Drew is about to graduate and who knows how long him or Dayne will be in Utah. I shouldn't take that time for granted. When they move, I know my heart will break. All I can do is make the most of the time now, when we are all in the same state. Same goes for my cousins!

Grudges. I want to let go of every grudge I've ever had. Start new. I don't want to waste my time hating and disliking. There are too many wonderful and lovely things in my life.

Those three words. I should say "I love you" more to the people who I care about. My family, sorority sisters, and friends, because they should always know just how much they mean to me.
These are just a couple of ideas :)

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