Friday, June 18, 2010

RIP Travis McPherson

This is going to be hard for me to write, I know it already. Recently, a high school friend of mine passed away. He was in a car accident. He wasn't drunk. He wasn't texting. It was an accident-plain and simple. I've known Travis for awhile. My most distinct memories are the football and basketball games. Travis would always be out there with me-waving the TVHS flag while I held the spirit stick-or visa verse. He was filled with love, crazyness, and fun. There was never a dull moment when Travis was around. You know that class clown in school-the guy with all the smart ass remarks-that was Travis. He was always trying to make others laugh.

Twenty is so young. Travis didn't get to experience college graduation, buying a house, finding "the one", having kids, a in general. I can't wrap my mind around this-and weeks have already passed. Why him? He was so full of life-had so much to offer-and he was twenty. This isn't how it's supposed to be. Dying is for the 70s and 80s. Dying happens after you've retired from work-living the carefree life of travel and bliss. It happens after you've seen your grandchildren graduate.

This is the second friend of mine to pass. It's hard to deal with. I had only seen Travis a handful of times since high school graduation. Since I go to school out of state, I hardly see anyone from Loveland. Yet, my mind is filled with distinct memories of random times with Travis-going to his house during lunch, spending class time laughing at his ridiculous jokes, a random party, and most of all-TVHS sports games.

I went through my old high school yearbooks-just to see his writing. Sure enough, there it was. Screaming out to me-filling my mind with memories and visions of Travis...It just doesn't feel real. It can't be real-he was so young.

Life is precious. At any moment, it can be taken from us. That's why I've come to realize- we must live everyday like it's our last. Spend time on things your passionate about-with those you truly care about. Live passionately, greatly, perfectly-every single day. Every day wasted is one we won't be able to have back. I'm determined to live my life to the fullest. Travis taught me many things-this is one of them.

RIP Travis. Look after all of us. Soon, we will meet again.

Travis W.McPHERSON , 20, of Loveland died June 3, 2010, due to an automobile accident in Berthoud.

He was born Feb. 15, 1990, in Longmont to William and Sandra (Wacker) McPherson. Travis graduated from Thompson Valley High School in 2008 and attended one year at Western State University.

He worked for Paratex Colo Inc. for three months doing industrial weed control. He liked spending time with his friends and family, going to drive-in theaters, camping, softball and all sports in general. Especially going to the Colorado Rockies games.

He is survived by his parents, Sandy McPherson of Loveland and Bill McPherson of Loveland; grandparents Weldon McPherson, Jacksonville, Ill., and Fred Wacker, Longmont; brothers, Justin Wacker, Loveland, and Jared Wacker, Longmont; many cousins, aunts, uncles; and all his special friends.

He was preceded in death by grandmothers Goldie McPherson and Betty Wacker.

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