Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Perfect Saturday

I've literally been relaxing all day. I'm currently in Baltimore, MD visiting James. During the day, he sells APX and I get the whole day to myself. It's been quite wonderful actually. My day went as follows:

8:00am Woke up & made pancakes
9:00am Went back to bed
1:00pm Woke up
1:15pm Met Kayli (James' sister-in-law) at the pool
4:00pm Left the pool
4:30pm Took a nap
6:00pm Woke up and took my online accounting test.

Pure perfection. After the stressful summer, this trip is just what I needed. I may never go back!

Tomorrow we are going to D.C. to see all of the museums/monuments/awesome-ness.

Pictures to come!

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