Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gym Time: Pet Peeves

Yesterday I was at the gym when I noticed about a bajillion things people were doing that annoyed me. At the gym, the "annoyed" feeling is quite the energy booster. Ever notice how when you're angry you run faster & longer? Well, I experienced that same thing for being annoyed. At least it did SOMETHING good for me. After I left the gym all I could think about was how I absolutely HAD to blog about my gym pet peeves.

So, here it is. My list of things people do at the gym that I cannot STAND!

1. Not wearing a bra. I never noticed before yesterday just how many nipples I literally see at the fieldhouse. First of all, OUCH...I would not want my "goodies" to be bouncing around with nothing holding them down. Second of all, when you're sweaty and have RT, I can't look at your face. All I look at is your chest...and I'm female! Ladies....protect your "goodies" AND my eyes...PLEASE...invest in a sports bra! It is not flattering. Not one bit.

2. Cut-off shirts. Dear boy, I'm sure you're hot lifting all those weights. So hot that you cannot wear a real shirt (I'm SURE that's the reason you're wearing that "shirt" right?'re right..of course that's not the reason.) Gosh! Wearing a cut-off shirt just screams "tool" and I cannot take them seriously. These guys remind me of the girls that show up at the & make up done, wearing tight spandex and a sports bra...barely jogging on the treadmill so they can look "hot." It's very clear that these girls come to the gym for one reason - to pick up guys. Yes cut-off shirt is the equivalent (bet you feel like a tool It is especially hilarious when they lift their shirt to "wipe off their sweat". We all know you're trying to show off them abs. And even if your abs DO look lose points for being a tool.

3. Asking to join my rotation. Seriously? You can't wait 5 minutes for me to finish my last rep on the power tower? This is extremely annoying when you're using a machine that adjusts for height and low and behold some 6'3" guy wants to join the rotation. Waiting would save us both some time, Mr. Tall.

4. Introducing yourself in the middle of my weight lifting routine. "So what year are you?" "(deep breath) I'm a...(deep breath) (lifting of weight) junior. What (deep breath)(lifting weight) about you (deep breath)?" Not cool. I don't care about the questions you are asking me. All I'm thinking about is how I'm going to get this 20 weight up and finish my rep! Can a person look ANY busier?

There are the obvious things that annoy me -taking too long on the treadmill, wearing 10 sweatshirts and 2 pairs of sweatpants to sweat more, guys who obviously cannot lift the amount of weight they are trying too, not wiping down the machine, etc.

I feel like everything in this post are things that should be common sense. Right?


Jessica Foreman said...

I should be studying for my test which is occurring in.... two minutes. literally. but this is hilarious....

Caleb said...

Yup, yup, and yup.

It's nice to hear a girl say that dudes with cut-up and half-shirts are douches. I mean, I know they are, and I always assumed women knew that, but you never know.

You stay classy.


Ms Kayso said...

I get annoyed when people talk to me during my work out, but I am also anti social that way. I always bring my ipod cuz I need to focus, not make friends! lol