Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner at Hard Rock. Madrid: Day Four

Since we got back so late (or early?) the next morning. I slept in until 1PM. Jessica had class at 2PM so I showered and left after she did. I tried to take the metro but couldn't fine the right entrance so I opted for a taxi (so much for saving the extra euros). I just figured it was worth it in the end. There was no way I was wasting my day wondering around metro stations trying to figure out how to get around.

Jessica had told me that I should spend my day at Parque del Retiro-an enormous park in the middle of the city. She assured me that I would spend hours walking around, taking it all in. The park was made for the royal family-but now could be enjoyed by us common folk.

I hailed a taxi and showed him on the map where I wanted to go. This taxi driver was by far my favorite. He didn't speak any English but tried so hard to communicate with me. Another taxi driver cut him off and he made vomiting sounds and pointed at the car. It was really hilarious. He used all sorts of made up sign language to communicate with me. Telling me which cars were expensive, cheap, etc. Overall it was the most enjoyable ride I've had in Europe.

I got out of the cab and entered the park. IT.WAS.BREATHTAKING. Right when you walk in you know more beauty is to follow. The park was SO green & beautiful. Which was a bit odd, remember how I told you there is no greenery in Madrid? Boy, was I wrong! I was just looking in all the wrong places.

It was the largest park I have ever seen. In the middle is a small lake/pond/body of water that people rent row boats on and circle. Overlooking that are stars and statues and gorgeous greenery. It looked so romantic-the small row boats. How fun would it be to take a boyf there?

I asked an older lady to take a picture of me in front of the statues that overlook the lake. I always was careful to ask to take pictures of me. Jessica had warned me of the many pick pocket-ers and I was not about to get my camera stolen. After she took the picture, I looked to see how it turned out....this is what it was...

So I decided to ask another person. Take two worked a little better (haha!)

I strolled the park for a good three hours. It was very difficult to leave. There was so much to look at-and I didn't even cover all of the park. There were people running, walking, eating, etc. It was very relaxing. I sat down at one of the small cafes and ordered a Sprite. It was a great time to watch nature and ponder my life.

As I was leaving the park I saw an entrance to a garden. I had never seen anything so colorful and green. there were gorgeous roses of all colors and fountains. To the left, a couple was getting married. What a gorgeous place for a wedding! Spanish wedding dresses are GORGEOUS and this bride had an amazing one. I didn't know the couple, but I couldn't help but be extremely happy for them.

I left the park and hailed a taxi to Plaza Mayor. I wanted to visit it once more before I left for France the next day. I wondered around the plaza, shopping and enjoying the view of Madrid. I found it funny that so many people approached me today speaking Spanish. I would tell them "I have no idea what you're saying" and some of them would just speak slower. This happened like 3 times today. No, just because you speak slower doesn't mean I can understand you! The Christmas market was being set up at Plaza Mayor and I was delighted to look around. I LOVE Christmas!

We were having Thanksgiving dinner at the Hard Rock cafe (they don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Spain...obviously. Hard Rock, however, had a Thanksgiving dinner for all the Americans) at 10PM. I was a bit hungry and decided to stop off at McDonalds (I'm SO American) for some fries to tie me over until dinner.

After eating I walked to Sol Plaza and met Jessica. We were told that dinner would be moved up to 8PM (dangit! Why did I eat those fries?)

We went back to the house and got ready for dinner. We were going with Jessica's roommates and some other college friends. There were 11 of us. For dinner they served us turkey, mashed potatos, broccoli, cranberry sauce, apple crisp...the works! It was the best dinner ever! I am so happy that we decided to do the whole Thanksgiving dinner thing. Me and Jessica had debated going, but after dinner we couldn't stop talking about how delicious it was. It truly did feel like Thanksgiving.

I called my mom and dad and wished them both a Happy Thanksgiving. It was good to hear from them!

Afterward we went back to Jessica's house and got ready to go out for the night.

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So cute!! Looks like you had so much fun. Fun Thanksgiving :)

Excited to see you.


PS: Feel better.