Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Art Museums, Cathedrals, and Jason Derulo? Madrid: Day Three

I've had a cold and sore throat since Thursday. I figured this little virus would be gone by such luck. So I slept in today until 1PM. It felt good to get extra sleep. I wondered into Jessica's room where she was doing homework and we planned out what I would do while she was in school.

I decided to save money and take the Metro instead of paying for taxis. I was a bit hesitant to do this, but since we leave for Paris on Friday it is a necessity. Jessica had class at 2:30 so we walked to the Metro together. She was going one way and I had to go the other. We said our goodbyes and I boarded the Metro. Jessica had written down three musums I should see. She gave me her "10 Best of Madrid" tourist book and written instructions. All three musums are on the same street, so I wasn't nervous about finding them.

I should have been.

I got off the Metro and tried to read the map that was located inside the book Jessica had given me. I just need to interject here...I speak NO Spanish and I am directionally challanged. I STILL use a GPS when I go back home to Colorado...I use one in Utah too. I just can never seem to find my way matter how many times I've been somewhere. Okay, back to the story. So I start walking in one direction, thinking one plaza was another and that I was going the right way. After walking for about ten minutes, I realize I'm lost. So I head back to where I came from. Then, I second guess myself...maybe I was going the right way and just hadn't walked far enough. So I turn around and go back. I think I passed the same group of people about 5 times. I was the ultimate tourist. I was looking down at my map and at all the street signs with a camera in my hand...looking SO confused. (later that night I reenacted it for Jessica so she could snap a pic)

Long, long, LONG story short, I found the street the museum was on thirty minutes later. I took a picture just because I was so happy to find it! Don't think that just because I found the street means I found the museum I was looking for...that took another thirty minutes. But, eventually, I made it to the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Thank freakin' goodness! Although, I must admit, I didn't mind getting lost in the slightest. The buildings are all so breathtaking and there is always something to see. Walking along Madrid is an experience in itself.

I didn't really know what to expect at this museum. The museums that I have been to prior to this all had historical objects and such. When I entered I realized the entire building was filled with artwork. I have never been to an art museum. I saw paintings from the 13th centery and famous painters like Raphael, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Rembrant. I spent two hours looking at the 1,000 paintings housed in the museum. It was an experience. I can hardly believe some of the art I saw. The paintings looked so real and vivid. Some of my favorite pieces were the pictures that showed bible stores, like David and Goliath, etc. The paintings were beautiful and it was interesting to see how the artists interprated the stories. I must say, there are SO many paintings of naked women. It's weird too-the girls will have clothes on but randomly a boob will just be showing...typical male painters?

I left the museum and headed down the street to find something to eat. I grabbed chips and a Sprite (such a great I got a call from Jessica. She was finished with class and wanted me to meet her at the Metro so we could go see an old Egyptian church. I was so impressed with myself, I walked straight to the Metro! I didn't even get lost once!!

As I waited for Jessica to arrive, I got approached by three or four different groups of people who were asking me questions in Spanish. I was so confused, I was dressed so American and looked like such a tourist, why would they think to ask me? I would simply shrug my shoulders and say "English" haha.

Jessica finally found me, but it was too late to go to the Egyptian church since it was closing twenty minutes later. We wondered to another musem, The Museo del Prado. Jessica had raved about the famous museum and the gorgeous paintings and tapastrys that it contains. We went intside and walked around. There were gorgeous paintings and we tried to locate all the masterpieces. We walked into the part of the museum that was all statues, which were gorgeous. It was my favorite! Jessica and I are not as cultured as we should be and instead of admiring the gorgeous artwork, we started to rank the statues by hottness. Some of those statues certinatly put real men to shame! haha. It was fun and interesting.

Jessica had been talking endlessly about a cathedral I didn't see when I went to the Palacio Real (it's directly accross the street) and we decided to take the Metro to see it. On our way to the Metro we passed a McDonalds. Being the true Americans that we are, we decided to go in and get some french fries. Jessica hadn't even been to McDonalds since she's lived here! Jessica said, "These are the best fries I've ever had...ever" After four months I'm sure I wouldn't remember the deliciousness of the food either. I'm glad I reminded her of the taste of America.

We got on the Metro and walked to the Almudena Cathedral. I cannot express the beauty that I saw when I entered the building. I had never in my life seen a building that marvelous. The enormous pillers, the stained glass, the high ceilings. Describing it doesn't give it justice nor could any photo. My jaw literally dropped when we entered. You can't use flash inside a cathedral, pictures are a bit blurry-so I took a video! I'll post it on YouTube one of these days.

After spending twenty minutes admiring the divine beauty, we headed home on the Metro. It was dinner time! Jessica's host mother made us salad, paella, and ice cream. Paella is a Spanish rice dish that is absolutely AMAZING! I'm a fan.

Jessica and I made our itinerary for paris (we will only be there Friday night-Monday morning) so we could see as much as we could and have a firm plan. I am SO excited! Afterward we got ready to go out. Spain has an incredible night life. People don't go out until around midnight-which is so odd! We decided to go to a club called Orange. It was "hippy flippy" night and if you dressed up you got in for free. Any excuse to dress up is fine by us, so we raided Jessica's closet and transformed ourselves into hippies.

It was rumored that Jason Derulo would be there, so we tried to look our best. We headed to the club on the Metro and stood in line. We got to Orange at 12:30. As we were waiting in line, who passes us? JASON DERULO. I didn't even say anything. I simply hit Jessica and let out an awkward sigh/exhale. Jason Derulo had just passed us.

We got into the club and a guy Jessica knew invited us into VIP. Twenty minutes later...who appears in VIP? Jason Derulo. VIP was filled with girls and as soon as he sat at his table they began swarming to him. We stayed in the back and just talked. About ten minutes later the swarm of girls had dwindled and we decided to go up and start talking to him. Jessica, Stephanie (her friend), and I talked to him for about 15 minutes. He told us he was off to another country in the morning.

"So, you just get to fly around the world and hang out?" I asked.
"You think that's what my life is like?"
"I would like to think so."
"I get up at 8am and do interviews until 9PM or 10PM"

I admit, not even I wake up at 8AM. But, sorry Jason Derulo, I still don't feel bad for you. haha. It was interesting to talk to him. People all over the club were snapping photos of him. I'm pretty sure that my face is in a bunch of random people's cameras...

It was awesome to meet an American celebrity in Spain! So random!! He doesn't speak any Spanish either and we talked about the whole not understanding anyone thing. It's seriously the worst thing EVER! Jessica and I got bored of standing there talking and decided to leave and go dance..which was so much fun! Jessica and I always have the BEST time when we go out. The night was fantastic. We got home at 4:30AM...4:30AM!! Madrid night life is insane. When does anyone ever sleep? It was only a Wednesday night!

My feet are absolutely killing me from all the walking I've done. People here walk EVERYWHERE. I'm guessing that is why everyone is so dang skinny. I literally have not seen one person who is overweight.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Jessica and I are joining some of her college friends and going to Hard Rock for a Thanksgiving meal. I am a bit sad I won't be with my family, but I am here with Jessica-who is just like family to me :)


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Jill, be careful in Paris. Wear modest clothing, and you know what I mean. Don't take any chances. At All. Be the one who keeps you both safe.

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