Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Regrets

I'm currently annoyed. I'm annoyed that I spent my summer studying, writing papers, and waking up at 8:30 for classes every morning. I'm annoyed that I didn't get the know...the memo that says summer is for vacations, RELAXATION, friends, and the pool? The one every other college student seemed to get.

For some reason the thought of getting some classes out of the way appealed to me more than the thought of a real summer. I have no idea why. I mean, this is the only point in my life where I get a three month break. In the real world, those don't happen for marketing executives (which, watch out world, is what I plan on being one day)

I'm regretting it, to say the least. Regretting the class time & mental stimulation. I wish I would have relaxed, traveled, and been more spontaneous.

I'm not saying I didn't have a good summer. I went to DC to see the boyfriend (he is so dang cute/amazing/hilarious), Vegas with my BFF (fun doesn't even begin to describe that trip), spent a crazy amount of time with my girls, went to Colorado to see the fam, and went to too many concerts to count.

Vegas with Molly
Modest Mouse Concert
Visiting the boyfriend in DC
My loves.
Enjoyed time with Chocolate in Colorado
Went skiing with the fam

School starts in exactly two weeks. Looks like I'll have to make up for lost time.

I'm going to make these two weeks count. Like you wouldn't even imagine.


Hotcakes said...

have fun! :)

Dirt On The Rocks said...

i know how you feel. a lot of my friends are going through the same thing, they're completely studying during their summer break, and they haven't been able to full live it out. hope that you do have a great start to the end of your vacation. take care (:

Hotcakes said...
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Hotcakes said...


took your advice :)

check out this one.

lol ;)

LibbyLayla1984 said...

Just found your blog!!! It's awesome!!! Love the name too :)

Sidrah said...

awwie .. have awesome fun in the last two weeks =D Ditch all the work.. ^^ Yay!

anastasia b said...

Too bad for your lack of summer, but im sure you'll be thankful for taking that time for school stuff later. Have the time of your life these next two weeks and make up for lost time!

xo anastasia b

CollegiateDown said...

I know a lot of people who spend the whole time taking classes too. At least you'll be making money that much sooner :) While I wasn't in class, I was in a play that I got credit for and really didn't have the chance to go anywhere exciting. I do plan to go to the pool at least.

I just found your blog through and will be following it.

Kell said...

I'm ashamed to admit that I've had the entire summer off of school AND work and have barely made it count at all.
But I guess doing nothing is kind of..sort of.. a little bit better than work and school.

Stephanie Rose said...

I did that in college too.. when I wasnt taking extra classes I was working three jobs at a time.. it sucked I def wish i relaxed a lil bit and traveled more because the real world is WAY different!!

amber said... totally sucks being a grown up. It's miserable not having a summer break, this girl just wants to have fun! haha