Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Do's & Don'ts of Finals Week

I find it fitting to blog about finals week. Right now, at this moment, is my summer 2010 finals week. Instead of studying and killing myself trying to memorize formulas and vocabulary words, I'm going to blog about it. A little procrastination never hurt anyone....right?

DO wake up an hour before the test-for that extra cram session.

DON'T get on Facebook. You will end up stalking all 1,000 friends.

DON'T try and study in bed. Trust me, study time will turn into nap time REAL quick.

DON'T try and study with the TV on. I hate the Food Network...but for some reason even that station is more appealing than Operations Management...

DO invest in lots of caffeine. Diet Coke, RedBull, Rockstar...whichever you prefer. I read once that if you study on caffeine, you have to take the test on caffeine. Some psychology
B.S. I'm sure...but hey...I'm not one to risk it.

DO remember to make sure that calculator works (Trust me on this one. A Calc final with a dead calculator is near impossible to pass)

DON'T waste time showering or getting ready in the morning. You'll make everyone else look bad. It's FINALS week. who cares what you look like? honestly.

DO eat before you take your final. Don't be THAT girl in the room who's stomach is growling so loud everyone can hear it.

DO pee before the test. That leg tapping will make you want to Christmas Tree the whole thing

DO Bring two pencils. I get so anxious and scared when I only have one...

DON'T try to hang out with friends/stay out late the night before. Well I guess I should reword this...DON'T do it more than once. Every college student should try it. It's a rush of adrenaline knowing you got two hours of sleep the night before...and even more of a rush when you ace that shiz. DO it Freshmen year...when nothing really matters. But be sure to take a double dose of caffeine in the morn.

DON'T smile. not once. I'm afraid if anyone from the business school catches a student smiling during finals week they will make sure it never happens again.

Now, I'm off to study for my Operations Management final... which commences tomorrow at 7:30AM.

Which makes me wonder, who ARE these people? The ones who make up the final schedule? 7:30AM? Really? I don't think I've woken up at 7:30AM since high school. And even then I would usually sluff first hour. 7:30? SEVEN THIRTY?? IN THE MORNING?? smiles for me. Not even a small grin.


Marie said...

This post takes me back to when I was in college. A long, long time ago. Good luck with your finals.

New follower from 20SB, hoping you'll drop me a visit sometime as well.

Thanks, Marie

The Things We Find Inside

Kayla said...

I miss college after reading this post. I've only been done for a year and sometimes I wish for things to go back. Enjoy it!

(I miss college. Not the actual final.)

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anastasia b said...

it's so true. Don't study in bed and facebook should be deactivated during that time. It's so addicting!

xo anastasia b

Stephanie Rose said...

i wish i had this list when i was in college. I miss the days when i would stalk my facebook friends and take a nap instead of studying