Monday, March 1, 2010

24 Hours

24 hours.
That's all it took for my life to completely change. 1440 minutes and my life is so different I can't even explain it.

They are good changes though. Everything that is going on with me right now, in a heart beat, could make me so depressed that I could stay in bed for months, but for some reason I'm seeing it all as positive. I don't know why this is happening. I don't know why at this moment, I decide to be strong and in control. But, I guess your mind does things it has to to survive. I think I like this side of me, the side that turns a blind eye to the sad, negative side and focuses on the good. All my mind is thinking about is the amazing things this change could bring.

Although many posts have been written about my feelings of not wanting to grow up, I realize it is something that must happen. I am 20 years old. I guess I should start being mature? I should start being a real adult and stop acting like a teenager. Just a thought...

I feel like my life all the sudden decided to spring clean. It got rid of things that for some reason, I no longer need. The weird part is, I don't even feel like anything is missing. I look at the future and realize that at one point or another, this would have happened, why not now?

I feel anxious and excited. There are a lot of things changing and I know that it will not only enable me to grow up, but also become someone better. I'm actually relieved that all of this happened at once.

I'm seeing everything so clearly. My life can be so much better then it was before.