Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pi Phi Love

I realize that I ramble on and on about my sorority, but it is SO amazing & it's kind of hard not to. I never imagined being part of an organization that would become as close as family to me. It's the staying up all night talking, the random movie nights, the boy drama, & the study sessions. These girls aren't just my friends, they really are family. I can honestly say that I made the most important and life altering choice when I pledged Pi Phi. I have told people numerous times that the best decision I ever made was pledging Pi Beta Phi. I stand by that statement. These girls aren't fake. They aren't the type who talk behind my back or want to see me fall. They are girls that want the best for me, that encourage me, support me, and enjoy my company. Living in the house has been another decision that I am patting myself on the back for. I LOVE having daily girl's nights, eating lunch with my sisters, and getting ready for parties together. I love living with these girls. I cannot imagine living with anyone but my sisters. It's like a constant reminder of how lucky I am for the friends & family I have.

People often speak badly upon sororities. These people do not grasp the concept of sororities. They don't understand us or our bond. Pi Phi was the first sorority & originated in 1867. The rituals we do and the secrets we keep have been kept for over a hundred years. I am so proud to be part of an organization that is so strong and focused on supporting & empowering women. It's comforting to know that I have sisters all over the country!!

These girls will be there for me through anything. No matter what is going on, I know that I always have someone to count on. Pi Phi is an organization based on sincere friendship, community service, integrity, honor & respect, intellectual & personal development, and lifelong commitment. It is an organization that pushes me to be a better woman and enables me to meet the most amazing women at the U while doing so.

Pi Phi is the biggest part of my college life. These girls have changed my life. They are the girls who will be at my wedding, who I talk to when life is going rough, and who understand my actions-whether they are admirable or not. It's amazing to have such a support system.

I wish I could explain how much I adore the women in my sorority. I have never gotten in a huge fight with a Pi Phi. I have never felt intimidated, sad, or upset because of something one of my sisters has done. This is because we are all here for the same reasons- to bond as sisters, to protect the heritage of Pi Beta Phi, to graduate college, & to live life to its fullest. We have been through so much together--why would we fight? The future is bright for Utah Alpha Pi Phis. We are bonded together forever. What an amazing thought! My pledge class contains the girls who I am closest to in life. PC08 is more then family to me, a word does not even exist that explains my love for them. ((Remember the Christmas party, our sleepover before initiation, I-week, initiation, beta ski trip, pledge meetings, movie nights, date night, jerk boyfriends and bee-yatches that betrayed us, beta formal, & our first abduction--those memories brought us close, made us family. PC08 I Love You!))

If you have the opportunity to rush, do it. I have nothing bad to say about my house. My little girl, when I have one, will be a Pi Phi for sure. I can't wait to continue the legacy of a Pi Phi angel. College without Pi Phi would be like life without love. And who would ever want to go through life like that?

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Anonymous said...

I love your post! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pi Phi! It was also the best decision I have ever made. I am a new member right now, but it's already changed me for the better. I love my new member class and my sisters. They aren't cookie cutter girls at all every one of them is unique and amazing. I just recently got my big and my twin and I am so so excited to have many great times with these amazing women!